Content Creation 
Content Creation

Quiz and Trivia Books, Apps and Games                                        

Content for books

We can engage with children and adults alike. Contact us if you want ideas for quiz and trivia books. All our efforts are aimed towards making learning fun. Books can be paired with multimedia and publications can be on any topic, or a mixed bag.

Apps and Games

Nexus can help design and execute apps and games for personal devices and tablets. These apps are a great way for people of all ages to have fun and learn. Our unique games range across a plethora of topics not limited to History, Geography, Sports, Flora and Fauna, Politics, Famous People, Film, Music, Places, Art, Business, ... Well, you get the idea!

All our apps are educational' and not pure 'trivia'. The games are designed with varying levels of difficulty. The associated quiz content can be topped up periodically, so you always have fresh content at your finger tips.

Word Games

Case Studies / More Information

Please contact us to know more on how we can help. Specific case studies on past programs are available on request.