Through our work with children we kindle the fire of curiosity among the younger generation. Quest is a unique general awareness program built ground up by Nexus. We conduct inter- and intra-school quiz competitions and festivals. We also run Inquiry, workshops that introduce children to the sport of quizzing.


Quest is a wholesome general awareness program for children from class 1 to 9. With its highly visual content and interactive discussion-led method, it is a big hit among kids. The program has been adopted by several schools across India.

We have developed and refined it over a six-year period. 

Quest is also open to home subscribers.


Nexus works with many well-known schools and colleges. We have conducted quizzes across the country. Some of our important events include OakIQ, a multi-city contest, for the Oakridge group of schools; and Quizomania conducted by the Blossom Public School, Tamil Nadu.


Under Inquiry, we conduct workshops that inculcate youngsters in the field of quizzing. You learn tips and tricks on reading clues, learn how to parse questions, get tips on how to get your reading on the right track, how to prep, and have a lot of fun doing all this in a peer group.

To know schedules please write to us.

Banner photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash