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2024 Calendar

The beautifully designed 2024 “fun with fundas” calendar is here. 365 birthdays of iconic Indians spanning various genres, with an online version that has 1000 more names.

Indica QuIZ BOOK

The Indica Quiz Book is a unique collection of 600 quiz questions about India. These questions have been collected from the Indica series of quizzes held from 2016 to 2021.

India is a vast country with diverse cultures. The quiz questions go one step beyond standard textbooks bringing out many interesting facts about the nation. The questions are arranged in an easy-to-read format and sorted under nearly 100 categories. The categories range from regular ones such as ‘science’, ‘business’ and ‘sports’, and also include interesting topics such as ‘names & conventions’, ‘the railways’ and ‘Indian army regiments’.

The answers to all the questions are compiled at the end of the book. Typeset in a pleasing format, the book will interest readers of all ages. It is suitable for children who are beginning to know information about India, aspirants preparing for competitive exams, quiz enthusiasts, and adults who would like to brush up on their knowledge of India.


Quest is a wholesome general awareness program for children from classes 1 to 9. With its highly visual content and interactive discussion-led method, it is a big hit among kids. The program has been adopted by several schools across India.

We have developed and refined it over a six-year period. 

Quest is also open to home subscribers.