Literary Events 
Literary Events

Spelling and Word bees with a difference                                    

Literary events with a twist

Our literary events are made with a difference. No rigour of memorising obscure words that one would have never heard of. The contests will not just involve children spelling out words, but also interesting rounds on knowledge of the English language itself.

Content will be a mix words, word origins, pictures to guess the word and then spell and application of words in contexts, and so on.

We can also put together workshops for different age categories.

Solutions sampler

Our solutions include spelling and word bees, crossword styled rounds, anagram-based rounds, pictionary, treasure hunts, word games and literary quizzes that can include questions on poetry, book extracts, vocabulary, etymology, idioms, quotations and more.

Word Games

Case Studies / More Information

Please contact us to know more on how we can help. Specific case studies on past programs are available on request.